2019年12月英语四级真题 第1套


Section A
Directions: In this section, you will hear three news reports. At the end of each news report, you will hear two or three questions. Both the news report and the questions will be spoken only once. After you hear a question, you must choose the best answer from the four choices marked A), B), C) and D). Then mark the corresponding letter on Answer Sheet 1 with a single line through the centre.

[1] New York City police captured a cow on the loose in Prospect Park on Tuesday after the animal became an attraction for tourists while walking along the streets and enjoying the park facilities. The confused creature and camera-holding humans stared at each other through a fence for several minutes. At other times the cow wandered around the 526-acre park and the artificial grass field normally used for human sporting events. Officers used soccer goals to fence the animal in. However, the cow then moved through one of the nets, knocking down a police officer in the process. Police eventually trapped the cow between two vehicles parked on either side of a baseball field's bench area. An officer then shot an arrow to put it to sleep. Then officers waited for the drug to take effect. After it fell asleep they loaded the cow into a horse trailer. It was not clear where the cow came from or how it got lost. [2] Police turned it over to the animal control department after they caught it.

[1] 周二,纽约警方在展望公园捕获了一头四处游荡的母牛,这头母牛在沿街散步和享受公园设施的过程中吸引了大量游客。这一茫然不知所措的生物和拿着相机拍照的人类隔着栅栏互相凝视了几分钟。其他时间,这头母牛在这家占地526英亩的公园里四处游荡,在通常用于举行体育赛事的人造草地上徘徊。警察们用足球门将母牛围了起来。然而,母牛随后穿过了其中一张网,期间撞倒了一名警察。警方最终将这头母牛困在了停在棒球场板凳区两边的两辆车之间。然后,一名警察射出一支麻醉箭使母牛入睡。随后,警察静等药物生效。待母牛睡着之后,他们把母牛抬上了运马拖车。目前尚不清楚母牛来自何处以及它是怎么迷路的。[2] 警察在抓到它后将其移交给了动物管理部门。

Questions 1 and 2 are based on the news report you have just heard.

1.What happened in New York's Prospect Park on Tuesday?
A) Many facilities were destroyed by a wandering cow.
B) A wandering cow knocked down one of its fences.
C) Some tourists were injured by a wandering cow.
D) A wandering cow was captured by the police.

2.What do we learn about the cow from the end of the news report?
A) It was shot to death by a police officer.
B) It found its way back to the park's zoo.
C) It became a great attraction for tourists.
D) It was sent to the animal control department.

[3] Starting April 28 of this year, the National Museum of Natural History will begin renovating its fossil hall. The fossil hall, which displays some of the world's oldest and largest fossil specimens, receives more than 2 million visitors each year. It's one of the museum's most famous attractions. As a result, the museum plans to expand the hall, as well as add to its ancient birds collection. Bird lovers, both young and old, have already responded with excitement at the news. The museum's social media account has been flooded with messages of support. In the meantime, the current collection will be closed. However, visitors will be compensated during the closure. Museum's special exhibition area will now be free of charge. [4] This week, the resident exhibition is a display of ancient wall paintings on loan from Australia. They celebrate the cultural heritage of the country and will be available to view until Sunday. Next week, the exhibition will be taken over by the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition. The winner of this year's competition will be awarded a preview of the new fossil hall, as well as a cash prize.

[3]从今年4月28日起,国家自然历史博物馆将开始翻新其化石馆。化石馆陈列着世界上最古老、最大的一些化石标本,每年接待200多万名游客。它是博物馆最著名的景点之一。因此,博物馆计划扩建化石馆,并增加其古代鸟类收藏。鸟类爱好者们,无论老少,都已经对这个消息感到兴奋不已。该博物馆的社交媒体账户上充斥着支持的信息。同时,当前的收藏展示将会关闭。但是,参观者将在关展期间得到补偿。博物馆的特别展区现在将免费开放。[4] 本周的驻地展是一场从澳大利亚借来的古代壁画展。古代壁画颂扬他们国家的文化遗产,该展览将一直开放至周日。下周,本展览将由年度野生动物摄影师大赛展取代。今年大赛的获胜者将获得新化石馆的预览以及现金奖励。

Questions 3 and 4 are based on the news report you have just heard.

3.What does the news report say about the fossil hall of the National Museum of Natural History?
A) It is the largest of its kind.
B) It is going to be expanded.
C) It is displaying more fossil specimens.
D) It is starting an online exhibition.

4.What is on display this week in the museum's resident exhibition hall?
A) A collection of bird fossils from Australia.
B) Photographs of certain rare fossil exhibits.
C) Some ancient wall paintings from Australia.
D) Pictures by winners of a wildlife photo contest.

[5] Six birds have just been trained to pick up rubbish at a French historical theme park. According to the park's manager, Mr. Villiers, the goal is not just to clear up the park. He says visitors are already good at keeping things clean. Instead, he wants to show that nature itself can teach us to take care of the environment. [6] He says that rooks, the chosen birds, are considered to be particularly intelligent. In the right circumstances, they even like to communicate with humans and establish a relationship through play. The birds will be encouraged to clean the park through the use of a small box that delivers a small amount of bird food. Each time, the rook deposits a cigarette end or a small piece of rubbish. So far, visitors to the theme park have been excited to see the birds in action. [7] However, some parents are concerned that it encourages their children to drop litter so they can watch the birds to pick it up. Villiers is not concerned about this criticism. He maintains most of the feedback he has received has been overwhelmingly positive. He hopes now to train more birds.

[5] 法国一家历史主题公园刚训练了六只捡垃圾的鸟。公园经理维利尔斯先生说,目标不仅仅是清理公园。他说,游客们在保持卫生方面已经做得很好了。相反,他想证明自然本身可以教我们保护环境。[6] 他表示,白嘴鸦,就是那些被选中的鸟,被认为是特别聪明的。在适当的情况下,它们甚至喜欢与人类交流,并通过做游戏的方式和人类建立关系。人们使用一个含有少量鸟食的小盒子来激励这些鸟清理公园。白嘴鸦每次都会把烟头或一小块垃圾放进盒子里。到目前为止,主题公园的参观者看到这些鸟在清理公园时都很兴奋。[7] 然而,一些家长担心这样会怂恿他们的孩子乱扔垃圾,这样他们就可以看到鸟儿捡垃圾了。维利尔斯并不担心这种批评。他坚持认为,他收到的大多数反馈都非常积极。他希望现在能训练更多的鸟。

Questions 5 to 7 are based on the news report you have just heard.

5.What have six birds been trained to do at a French historical theme park?
A) Pick up trash.
B) Amuse visitors.
C) Deliver messages.
D) Play with children.

6.Why were rooks chosen by the park manager?
A) They are especially intelligent.
B) They are children's favorite.
C) They are quite easy to tame.
D) They are clean and pretty.

7.What is the concern of some parents?
A) Children may be harmed by the rooks.
B) Children may be tempted to drop litter.
C) Children may contract bird diseases.
D) Children may overfeed the rooks.

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