2021年12月英语四级真题 第1套


Section B
Directions: In this section, you will hear two long conversations. At the end of each conversation, you will hear four questions. Both the conversation and the questions will be spoken only once. After you hear a question, you must choose the best answer from the four choices marked A), B), C)and D). Then mark the corresponding letter on Answer Sheet 1 with a single line through the centre.

W: [8] I can't believe that duck hunting is still legal in so many parts of the world. The scientific evidence from countries like Australia, Canada, and the USA clearly indicates a decline in the birds' numbers.
M: But can anyone be sure if the decline is really caused by the hunting or by climate change?
W: It's caused by both in fact. [9] We see more droughts in countries like Australia. Ducks are birds that feed and breed in areas where there is a lot of water, but their habitats have been shrinking in recent decades because of the droughts. M: And I guess with fewer places to inhabit, they concentrate in great numbers in few areas, which surely makes them easier targets for the hunters.
W: It does. My grandfather was a duck hunter. He told me hunting ducks and geese began in the 19th century. They were an easily found and plentifully available food source in farming areas, especially for poor immigrants.
M: What do they use for hunting during that period?
W: They use new types of guns, and birds could easily be shot down in flight, and in such great numbers that commercial hunting of ducks and geese became an industry. [10] Yet, there's no commercial farming of these birds nowadays. Their meat is hardly eaten in Western countries.
M: No, duck hunting seemingly exists as the continuation of a tradition.
W: [11] Well, ducks have never been popular with farmers like my grandfather anyway, because they sometimes destroy crops. In fact, farmers used to poison them in large numbers.
M: That somehow doesn't surprise me. Nobody places much value on the lives of these poor birds or on their meat.

[8] 我不敢相信在世界上这么多地方猎鸭仍然是合法的。来自澳大利亚、加拿大和美国等国家的科学证据清楚地表明,这种鸟类的数量下降了。
:事实上,这两种原因都有。[9] 我们看到澳大利亚等国出现了更多的干旱。鸭子是在水资源丰富的地方觅食和繁殖的鸟类,但近几十年来,由于干旱,它们的栖息地一直在缩小。
:他们使用新型枪支,鸟类在飞行中很容易被击落,而且数量如此之多,以至于商业捕猎鸭鹅成了一种行业。[10] 然而,目前没有对这些鸟类进行商业化养殖。在西方国家,几乎没有人吃它们的肉。:不,猎鸭似乎是作为一种传统的延续而存在。
[11] 好吧,不管怎样,鸭子从未得到像我祖父这样的农民的喜欢,因为它们有时会毁坏庄稼。事实上,农民曾经大量毒杀过它们。

Questions 8 to 11 are based on the conversation you have just heard.

8.What does the woman find unbelievable?
A) The number of ducks has declined sharply in recent years.
B) Climate change has little effect on the lives of wild ducks.
C) Duck meat is not eaten in Australia, Canada and the U.S.
D) Duck hunting remains legal in many parts of the world.

9.What does the woman say has caused the shrinking of ducks' habitats in Australia?
A) Droughts.
B) Bushfires.
C) Farming.
D) Hunting.

10.Why is there no commercial farming of ducks and geese in Western countries?
A) They are not easy to domesticate.
B) Their meat is not that popular.
C) It is not environmentally friendly.
D) It is not considered cost-effective.

11.What does the woman say about farmers in her grandfather's time?
A) They hunted ducks as a traditional sport.
B) They killed wild ducks and geese for food.
C) They raised ducks and geese for their eggs.
D) They poisoned wild ducks in large numbers.

M: Okay, Miss Bright. I finished calculating. I estimate you have between 210 and 240 square meters of walls and ceiling.
W: [12] [13] So, how much would the paint job cost?
M: That would depend on the quality of paint you choose. We carry two brands—one costs 60 cents every square meter, and the other, 90 cents. The second is guaranteed to look great for about 10 years, whereas the cheaper one will start to dull after around 6 or 7 years.
W: In that case, we would prefer the more expensive option.
M: All right, then. So, including labor costs, taxes, and everything, this job would come to $3,000.
W: Hmm... [13] To be perfectly honest, that's more than I expected.
M: Please bear in mind that the price includes moving all the furniture, and the whole task would take two days.
W: Really? Why?
M: Well, we can't paint the walls without clearing all the furniture first. So every time we paint a room, we first have to move the furniture to another room. So, that takes more time. Plus, it requires two people, which works out more expensive.
W: I see. But does that mean I could not live here in my own house during those two days?
M: That is correct.
W: Oh, well, that changes everything, I'm afraid. [14] I would have to stay with a friend or check into a hotel. I hadn't considered any of that. [12] [15] I'm starting to realize that painting my house is far more troublesome than I had anticipated.
M: This is usually the case. Most of our clients go through the same realization.
W: I see.
M: You have my number. Please feel free to call me for any further questions.
W: Thank you.

[12] [13] 那么,这项粉刷工作要花多少钱?
:唔…………[13] 说实话,这比我预期的要多。
:哦,好吧,这恐怕会改变好多事。[14] 我将不得不住在朋友那里,或者住宾馆。我没有考虑过这些。[12] [15] 我开始意识到,粉刷房子比我预想的要麻烦得多。

Questions 12 to 15 are based on the conversation you have just heard.

12.What is the woman planning to do?
A) Have her house repainted.
B) Replace some of her old furniture.
C) Move into a newly-painted house.
D) Calculate the cost of the paint job.

13.What is the woman's chief concern?
A) How long the work will take.
B) How much the work will cost.
C) How the paint job is to be done.
D) How many workers are needed.

14.What does the woman have to do while the paint job is being done?
A) Cover up her furniture.
B) Ask some friends for help.
C) Stay somewhere else.
D) Oversee the work herself.

15.What has the woman come to realize at the end of the conversation?
A) She could have asked a friend for help with the paint job.
B) Painting a house involves more trouble than she thought.
C) She should have repainted her house much earlier.
D) Moving her furniture is harder than the paint job.

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